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35 reasons to fucking love Chester Charles Bennington.




1. He’s the most badass singer to the most badass band.

 2. His tattoos

3. He’s an amazing husband and an amazing dad.

4. He’s insane.

5. He does dance even if the beat is not funky.

6.       If Mike’s laugh is the 8th wonder of the World, his is the 9th.

7.       He’s being trying to seduce Mike Shinoda for more than 10 years. (or the other way around, not sure)

8.       He’s bringing sexy back.

9.       He gets high on music.

10.   He hits his band members.

 11.   He gets trolled even by Rob and Phi.

12.   He fucking flies.

 13.   He’s the diva.

14.   His brad impersonations.

15.   He likes to walk around naked.

16.   His passion for music.

17.   No one thought he would have a girlfriend.

18.   He’s so arsty.

19.   He loves animals.

20.   He knows where to find “Sex for Dummies”.

21.   He’s a sexy mofo

22.   He’s the only one that would let Joe Hahn put him on water AND smoke in the same music video.

23.   He’s got boots on!


 24.   He sings in the day and fights evil in the night.


 25.   He’s wild.


 26.   His warm-ups are the best.


 27.   He rocks them drums.


28.   He rocks the make-up better than we simple mortals.


 29.   He once died, but he’s still amongst us.


30.   He’s a super model.


 31.   He makes you want to be the food he’s eating.


 32.   He got bit in the ass by a mean spider.


 33.   He’s one with his band mates.

34.   His hips don’t lie.




 So much love ♥

^—- This.

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